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We believe that literature and reading should be at the heart of the English curriculum. Our school curriculum is designed to enable us to make meaningful links across subject areas.  Where possible, the texts we use relate closely to the topic being studied.  Engaging and challenging texts allow pupils to develop a love for literature, and through reading pupils learn how to write and apply spelling, punctuation and grammar conventions. Within lessons our teachers manage to blend the teaching of skills such as phonics, spelling and vocabulary with an immersion into literature. Higher order reading skills, such as inference, deduction and critical thinking, are explicitly taught.

In addition to promoting reading and high quality books through our English curriculum, we organise events throughout the school year. This includes our highly popular book fairs, World Book Day, author visits and regular reading competitions.
Accelerated Reader

Accelerated Reader (AR) is embedded in our school. The AR system allows children to choose books from a level which is just right for them. Children read a book from within their reading range and then complete a quiz on an iPad about the book they have just read. All results are stored electronically and are used to inform movements in the children’s reading ranges. Children who achieve 3 x 100% scores (these do not have to be consecutive) will have their reading range increased.
We are very pleased with the opportunities this system provides; it is motivating for the children while also allowing teachers to monitor how much children are reading and how well they have understood the text.  

A Parent's Guide to Accelerated Reader

Rocking Readers

Each week classes compete for the highly sought after Rocking Readers trophy and termly awards and prizes are also given to celebrate the successes of the children.



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