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We are a large junior school serving the centre of Herne Bay. Our website aims to give you a taster of the school, as well as providing regular updated information for both parents and pupils.

We hope that you enjoy your visit to our website, and that you find any information you are looking for. Please feel free to contact the school direct with any queries you may have.

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Claire Murdoch National Director for Mental Health for NHS England visits HBJS

On Monday 9th September, Herne Bay Junior School welcomed Claire Murdoch, NHS England’s Mental Health Director, to the school.

She was accompanied by Kathryn Pugh, Deputy Head of Mental Health, Children and Young People’s Mental Health Programme Lead.

Claire and Kathryn learnt about our journey to achieving Silver status through the Carnegie Centre of Excellence Mental Health in Schools Award, as well as the approaches and resources we use in school to promote positive well-being for all.

Our next step of the journey is to achieve the Gold standard over the next year. This will entail us continuing our commitment to mental health in school by endeavouring to “go the extra mile” to meet the needs of all and also extending links to other schools and services.

Claire was inspired by the work we have done to support our children. She commented on ‘our vision, practical action and passion to equip our young to talk about MH, look after themselves and others’.

Claire delivered an assembly to the children in Years 3, 5 & 6 during the afternoon which she described as a privilege.

BBC South East filmed throughout the day with Rowena Evett-Collins, Deputy Headteacher and Hollie Edwards, Director of Mental Health and Wellbeing.

Our pupils proudly spoke with confidence and demonstrated a range of the activities we have on offer for all to support mental health and wellbeing.

Plese click here to view the BBC report.

Tri-County Finals

On Tuesday 16th July, HBJS took their 2019 golf champions to represent their county (Kent) in the inaugural Tri-County Finals. For the first time in history, Kent, Sussex and Surrey would all compete at the same event across a range of four sports. After winning the county finals, our Year 3 and 4 golf team would represent Kent at Tri-Golf. However, this would mean that they were competing against the best golf teams across Kent, Sussex and Surrey.

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A visit from Professor Robert Winston

We were privileged to welcome Professor Robert Winston to our school on Tuesday. He made the journey from London to educate and inspire our children about his favourite topic – SCIENCE!
He delivered an assembly to both upper and lower school. The children were mesmerised and listened intently to him as he spoke about the most popular science questions posed to him by children around the world. They were fortunate to take part in a mini experiment relating to DNA which involved releasing particles through merely clapping. Throughout, his humour shone through as he shared his wisdom while engaging the children in popular topics ranging from the solar system to human reproduction.
Question time gave the children the opportunity to find out more about him and his life. He shared that prior to becoming a scientist in 1970; he had worked as a caretaker in a school and spent time in theatre amongst other things. 50 years later, here he is at Herne Bay Junior School advising our children to study things that interest them and to work as part of a team. He told them, “it is OK to fail; failure can lead to success” – as he has discovered many times throughout his career.
Professor Winston then visited classrooms where Science lessons were in action. He enjoyed watching some Year 4 children investigate insulators and conductors to create electricity, before moving on to Year 5 where children were developing their understanding of puberty while debating their views on how this may affect them both socially and emotionally.

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P4C - philosophical discussions and new friendships!

Members of the School Council welcomed a group of 14 children from Christ Church Primary School, Folkestone to participate in an interschool philosophical (P4C) debate.

The children started the morning with some drama games - getting to know each others names.  They then watched a video (see attached website https://vimeo.com/198309592) that suggested children should become teachers and teachers should become  children!  The debate that followed was full of reasoned arguments for and against!

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Tri-Golf Kent Champions 2019

On Tuesday 25th June our Year 3 and 4 Tri Golf team went to Polo Farm, Canterbury to play in the Kent School Games Final. 
They were representing the East Kent Coastal area after winning that competition last month. Thirteen other school Tri-Golf teams team’s took part, all winners of their region across Kent so the competition was always going to be strong.

The event consisted of eight Golf Stations each highlighting the teams’ skill in driving, chipping and putting a golf ball. Each team had 5 minutes to score as many points as they could at each station, all the points were collated at the end to produce a tournament winner. 

Although it was a hot afternoon our team played with so much effort and produced some excellent golf skills. At the end all 13 teams sat and waited patiently for the final scores to be announced. Our Tri-Golf team were getting excited as their name hadn’t been called out as the result got down to the top three. It was a delight to see the children’s faces light up when it was announced they had gained first place with over 1000 points!

Mr Ware said it they won it by playing well and their teamwork and fair play shone through all afternoon.


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