Herne Bay Junior School
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Year 6


Topic Terms 3 and 4

Moving away from the continent of Africa in Term 1 and 2, Year 6 are heading to the colder climates of the North and South Poles to explore the characteristics and features of these polar regions. Children will delve deeper into Arctic life through the study of Inuit culture. In this topic, children will explore some of the Inuit cultural and artistic traditions and have the opportunity to recreate some original Inuit art pieces. 

In Science, children will learn about electrical circuits, their components and how they function. They will recognise how the voltage of cells affects the output of a circuit and record circuits using standard symbols. It also teaches children about programmable devices, sensors and monitoring. In term 4, children will learn how living things on Earth have changed over time, and how fossils provide evidence for this. They learn how characteristics are passed from parents to their offspring, and how variation in offspring can affect their survival, with changes (adaptations) possibly leading to evolution.

In DT, children will explore remarkable engineers and significant bridges, learning to identify features, such as beams, arches and trusses. Later in term 4, children will complete a bridge-building engineering challenge to create a bridge prototype.




Year 6 have had an exciting start to the year. Not only have introduced the children to our topic of Maafa but we have entered our Science learning with a bang and dissected a sheep’s heart!

Continuing our learning about Maafa, the children will find out about Africa (past and present) and the development of the slave trade. We will also explore Britain’s role in the transatlantic slave trade, the causes and consequences of the European colonisation of Africa and the worldwide communities that make up the African diaspora.

In Science, children will find out more about the human circulatory system and heart health, developing their knowledge about the workings of the heart and significant medical discoveries. In computing, we will teach the children about keeping safe on the internet and we will develop a website using Google.