Herne Bay Junior School
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Year 6

Terms 1 and 2 2019

World War Two

This term, it’s all change for Year 6; we will now be studying different aspects of World War Two, through the key question ‘Why was winning the Battle of Britain important?’ To start off with, the children will find out who the main ally and axis powers were, the country leaders at the time and how the Second World War began, before they begin to explore the war in more detail. In addition to this, as part of our English learning, the text we use to base our Reading and Writing around will be The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas. Indoor PE sessions will be dance and movement, with a strong link to the war. Through our science lessons, we are studying light and how we see things; with this learning the children will develop of The Black Out and how different materials would be more or less suitable to use for curtaining. In computing, we aim to develop a factual website demonstrating what the children learn over the four months. Finally, our focus on mental health and well-being will continue throughout our lessons.


Terms 5 and 6 2019

The Circle of Life

This term, our Year 6 topic is ‘The Circle of Life’. In English we will study a range of texts including The Giant’s Necklace, a story that focuses on a girl, Cherry, and her aim in creating an extremely long necklace…

Within topic, the children will be learning about Ancient Greece focusing on the key question ‘Was the Ancient Greek civilisation a successful one?’ We will explore the differences between Athens and Sparta and identify developments made within the Ancient Greek era and how they impacted on our society today.

We will also start to think closely about our production ‘The Lion King’ and preparations, such as rehearsals, will begin.


 Terms 3 and 4 2019

Carnival of Colour

The term ahead is packed full of activities for Year 6 who will be learning all about Brazil.  We will explore the Amazon Rainforest looking at the diversity of life it holds. The children find out where Brazil is in the world, find out about the climate, the people and life in Brazil. Zoo Lab have already visited us and the children have had the opportunity to see, hold and learn about some of the different creatures that inhabit the rainforests. As part of our English, we will be publishing poems that use a range of descriptive writing techniques in addition to using two different films as stimuli for writing. In class, we will be reading 'The Explorer' by Katherine Rundell, a gripping story based on a group of children stuck in The Amazon Rainforest!  Our science will introduce the children to Animals and Their Habitats in all their forms – from bacteria to large mammals. Art and D.T. sessions will include rainforest paintings and using papier mache to make Brazilian carnival masks. These will be used alongside the instruments, that we intend the children to make as part of a homework project, to celebrate in our grand finale ‘The Brazilian Carnival.’