Herne Bay Junior School
"One chance, let's get it right"
  • Compassion

  • Courage

  • Hope

  • Integrity

  • Justice

  • Respect

  • Responsibility

  • Wisdom

Year 3



Term 1 and 2

The Stone Age

In Term 1 and 2, our History topic is about the Stone Age. The children will explore the vast world of Prehistoric Britain and learn all about the first steps that our ancestors took. Through this topic, the children will gain an understanding of the Stone Age and how we know about the prehistoric past. At the end of the topic, the children will be displaying their Stone Age homework projects in our class museum. In Science, our topic is ‘Animals including Humans.’ Children will learn about carnivores, omnivores and herbivores. They will discover what different animals eat and construct food chains to show this. This will lead to investigations about deadly predators! In Art, children will experiment with water colours and learn about mixing colours.


Terms 3 and 4

Rocks, Relics and Rumbles

In Terms 3 and 4, the children will be engaging in our Geography topic entitled 'Rocks, Relics and Rumbles'. The children will be exploring violent volcanoes alongside different types of rocks; their properties and make up. Through this learning the children will gain an understanding of how volcanoes are formed and why they erupt. At the end of the topic the children will take part in a quiz that encompasses their knowledge and understanding. In Science this term, the children will be exploring Forces and Magnets, alongside their learning about rocks. They will discover and explore what physical elements affect forces such as pushing, pulling, gravity and friction. They will also look at and exploring magnets, using them to investigate what properties make up a magnetic material. In Art, we will be exploring the wonderful world of sketching ammonites and printing a motif inspired by our sketches.


Terms 5 and 6


In the Emperors and Empires project, your child will learn about the growth and decline of the Roman Republic and the Roman Empire. They will discover the absolute power of the Roman emperors and study the hierarchies of Roman society and the Roman army. They will study the first invasions of Britain in 55 and 54 BC and the Roman conquest of Britain in AD 43. They will learn about Boudicca’s rebellion, Hadrian’s Wall and the Romanisation of Britain, including how Christianity came to Britain and investigate the legacy of Roman Britain in their local area