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Mathematics is a creative subject which develops essential skills for everyday life. It is vitally important that children develop a good level of mathematical understanding, and therefore, a high-quality Mathematics education is paramount. At Herne Bay Junior School, we have a strong focus on the basic principles of Maths, which support the children to be successful, reflective learners. We also place a strong emphasis on the children’s ability to reason mathematically, with problem solving at the heart of our teaching. This in turn will broaden children’s knowledge, whilst encouraging them to relate their learning to real life situations. Most of all, throughout this depth and breadth experience, they will grow a sense of enjoyment and curiosity about the subject.

We also encourage parents to support their children in developing their mathematical understanding. This can vary, from allowing your child the opportunity to experience money in a real-life situation, telling the time, or even learning their times tables and basic number bonds.

Maths Curriculum Overview

A guide to the National Curriculum for parents.

Maths Calculation Policy

At Herne Bay Junior School, pupils progress through the different strands of maths, continually developing their knowledge, whilst revisiting areas that require further support and reinforcement during smaller group interventions or focused class teaching.
Practical resources such as digit cards, number lines, dice, place value cards and Diennes blocks are available throughout the school, as well as interactive teaching programs, to support understanding. Such resources aid the development of fluency by using a visual, practical base in order to develop conceptual images and understanding and help children to reason mathematically.
Throughout the year, different Maths competitions are organised within the school to motivate and engage the children outside of their Maths teaching time. These include calculation trails; ‘beat the teacher’ times table quizzes and many more. Our more able mathematicians take part in inter school maths challenges and workshops, and throughout the year, children who require additional support with mental and arithmetic strategies, are invited to an interactive Maths after-school club to support them with their progress.


If you have any further questions about our maths curriculum please contact the school office.