Herne Bay Junior School
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  • Courage

  • Hope

  • Integrity

  • Justice

  • Respect

  • Responsibility

  • Wisdom

Year 5


Year 5 Curriculum Overview Term 1 and 2

In History, we will be exploring our Dynamic Dynasties project.  This project teaches children about the history of ancient China, focusing primarily on the Shang Dynasty, and explores the lasting legacy of the first five Chinese dynasties, some of which can still be seen in the world today. We will explore the historical evidence found through archaeological excavations and learn about the religions of the dynasties and the significance of bronze, jade and silk to their culture.  As we move into Term 2, we will find out about the hierarchies, warfare and the end of the Shang Dynasty.  We will also compare this period of Chinese history with what was happening in other Bronze civilisations around the world.

In Science, we will look upwards and outwards to the vast realms of space to learn about our solar system and beyond. Journey through space, the final frontier. Navigate beyond the Sun, the magnificent, blazing star at the centre of our Solar System. Investigate the eight planets: Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune. Take a look at the Moon, a celestial body that orbits Earth. Programme a rover to traverse a lunar landscape and work scientifically to investigate gravity, and what happens when there is none. Compare the times of day at different places on the Earth and use GPS satellite navigation systems to track hidden treasure. Get in a spin making simple models of the Solar System and listen to the haunting sounds of space themed songs. Then it’s 3, 2, 1, blast off. Build and launch a rocket for an important test mission. Exploring space is probably the greatest adventure that humankind has ever undertaken. Are we alone? Or are there other life forms out there?

As part of our wider curriculum learning, we will explore a range of topics within each subject. We will be learning the ways of Samba in Music. The children will have regular visits to the Forest Area whereby they will learn key life skills and develop their understanding of the natural environment. In Computing, we will focus heavily on internet safety as the children learn to use their own e-mail accounts. What an exciting term of learning we have ahead; we can’t wait to share your child’s development with you.