Herne Bay Junior School
"One chance, let's get it right"
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  • Courage

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  • Integrity

  • Justice

  • Respect

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  • Wisdom

Year 5

Terms 3 and 4 2020

Here and There

Our topic this term takes us abroad to explore the different climates and desert landscapes of Arizona in North America and the mountains of Switzerland in order to compare them with our own local area.  The children will be developing their fieldwork skills with trips out to the town.   Our Science lessons compare the lifecycles of different types of animal.   In Art, they will study the works of the contemporary British artist, David Hockney and learn how to colour mix and use watercolours effectively.  Computing lessons will focus on skills and etiquette when using email.  In PE lessons, children will develop floor sequences in Gymnastics.  In English, our focus will be on writing biographies and newspaper reports as well as stories.  In Maths, the children build on their skills of multiplying and dividing larger numbers, and apply their skills to the wonderful world of fractions.



Terms 1 and 2 2019

Our Precious Planet!

This term in Year 5 we will be exploring space, through our topic, Our Precious Planet!
Throughout the term, we will be finding out about our Solar System, particularly our own planet and how we affect it.  After half term, our Science lessons will focus on the forces of gravity, friction and air resistance.  In Design and Technology lessons, our pupils will improve on their woodworking and joining skills by making a lunar buggy.  They will learn programming skills in Computing so that they can then control their buggies using mini Crumble computers.  Within English, children will be reading and writing reports about bees.  Other text types we will study are poetry, persuasive letters, instructions and descriptive story writing.  In Art, we will study and respond to works of art by the fantastic and original Vincent Van Gogh.  Children will then develop their control of brushstrokes in order to create their own paintings.  Our Maths lessons focus on working with increasingly larger numbers (up to 10 million) and refining their written methods for all four calculations.  The students will work with graphs and charts and learn how to find the area and perimeter of shapes.  We also have our exciting Bushcraft trip where children will be building bivouacs and developing team work skills, and camping out overnight in the woods!


Terms 5 and 6 2019

Our Precious Planet!

This term in Year 5 we will be exploring space, through our topic, Our Precious Planet!
Throughout the term, we will be finding out about our Solar System,  particularly our planet and how we affect it, as well as studying our moon more closely. Within English, each class will be watching an amazing silent animation called ‘La Luna’ and trying to retell the story using our inference skills, while increasing our vocabulary.  We will also be reading ‘The Water Tower’, a spooky tale of a strange, alien-like water tower appearing in a small Australian town. During Term 5 the children will visit the Observatory, where they will have the opportunity to take part in a range of hands on activities.
We look forward to the children, at the end of Term 6, having the opportunity to present their projects to the small groups, their class or even the whole year group, demonstrating their knowledge about Space.

Terms 3 and 4 2019

Heroes and Villains

Our theme this term is Heroes and Villains. We will be looking at a number of heroes and villians from the past, particularly Henry VIII and his eight wives.  In English we will be delving into Michael Morpurgo’s version of Robin Hood (Outlaw) and finding out how he dealt with the villains of the time. This will also involve children building their own shelters, baking bread and making their own shields and swords so they gain a greater understanding of the challenges faced in medieval times. The children will have opportunities to debate and decide what makes a true hero or villain based on their learning experiences over the term. To conclude and celebrate, the children will produce a costume based project to be admired as part of an end of term Tudor ball and banquet.