Herne Bay Junior School
"One chance, let's get it right"
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  • Courage

  • Hope

  • Integrity

  • Justice

  • Respect

  • Responsibility

  • Wisdom

Year 5


Terms 5 and 6

This term in Year 5 we will be exploring space!

Throughout term 5, we will be finding out about our Solar System, day and night and why we have seasons. After half term, our Science lessons will focus on the forces of gravity, friction and air resistance. In Design and Technology lessons, our pupils will improve on their woodworking and joining skills by making a lunar buggy. They will learn programming skills in Computing so that they can then control their buggies using mini Crumble computers. Within English, children will be writing a biography, instructions, recounts and descriptive story writing. In Art, we will study and respond to works of art by the fantastic and original Vincent Van Gogh. Children will then develop their control of brushstrokes in order to create their own paintings. Our Maths lessons focus on refining their written methods for all four calculations. The students will work with fractions and apply their times table knowledge. We also plan on using our exciting Forest Area to develop team work skills!

Terms 3 and 4

Ancient Greece

We kick off 2021 by looking back into the past to study life during Ancient Greece. Children explore the myths of different gods and goddesses, and the differences between city states like Athens and Sparta. They will learn about the legacy of Ancient Greece through its art, architecture, theatre and the development of democracy. They will also have an opportunity, through their homework project, to investigate more deeply an aspect of their own choice. Our artwork will be linked to our history topic and include activities such as using geometric patterns to create their own design for a Greek pot.
In English, we will be working hard to develop the use of descriptive language and sentence structure using a range of interesting stories and films to inspire us, including the myth of Theseus and the Minotaur! Our Maths work focuses on using written methods to multiply and divide larger numbers before moving on to fractions. In Science, the children will discover more about the lifecycles of various animals.

Term 1 & 2

Our Precious Planet!

In this term leading up to the half term break, we will be encouraging Year 5 to think like Geographers through our topic, Our Precious Planet! We will improve our Geography skills of mapping, and identifying the human and physical features of our local area. The children will also explore how our local area has changed over time by studying historical maps. Our Art lessons will enrich the children’s appreciation of different landscapes; we will be responding to works of art by David Hockney and developing our sketching techniques. Science lessons will focus on materials and their properties and we will carry out practical investigations into dissolving, and thermal and electrical conductors and insulators. The children will learn e-safety skills in Computing so that they can use their school Google accounts safely and appropriately. Within English, children will be reading and writing reports about bees. Other text types we will study are discussion texts and descriptive story writing. Our Maths lessons focus on working with increasingly larger numbers (up to 10 million) and refining their written methods for all four calculations. The students will work with graphs and charts and learn how to interpret and present data. Finally, watch out for the Year 5 Harvest Assembly later this term.

After the half term break our topic will change to the Marvellous Mayans. More information will follow at that time.