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Tesco Bags of Help Grant

We’re in the customer vote for a Bags of Help Grant. It’s a scheme which gives community projects grants of up to £4,000 - all raised from the sale of carrier bags in Tesco stores. The public will vote in store from 1st May to 30th June 2018 on who should receive the award. Please support us in your local store. Our project is called ‘For the Love of Books’ and any money we receive will be used to by wonderful new books for our school library. So get voting!

Below are the local stores where you can vote for us;

 Herne Bay Express (CT6 5SB)
 Herne Bay Sea Street Express (CT6 8SP)
 Canterbury Metro (CT1 2SN
 Tankerton Road, Whitstable (CT5 2AW)
 Whitstable Extra (CT5 3EE)
 Canterbury New Dover Road (CT1 3AS)

If you would like to know more about this scheme, just visit:  www.tesco.com/bagsofhelp

A Trip to the Gulbenkian Theatre

Today a group of Year Five children who are in Miss Black's AAA group attended a back stage tour of the Gulbenkian Theatre.  They were shown around the lighting and sound box and asked brilliant questions about why the room is black, why it's positioned at the back of the audience and how the sound system works.  They also were shown the performers' backstage changing rooms, complete with mirror lights and showers.  The children eagerly stepped onto the stage to be seen on a monitor that the Stage Manager uses to give cues to the backstage crew and performers instructions.

We were lucky enough to be allowed into the Projector room of the cinema.  Here, the children learnt about film reels, programming sound and a sequence of adverts that the audience see before their film begins.

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Year 3 Journey Through Time Exhibition

For Terms 3 and 4 the Year Three children were invited to choose any period of history that particularly interested them.  There was no right or wrong way to present their learning, just to find out something new and share that with their friends.  The children and their families certainly worked hard!  Some children chose to gain a deeper understanding of the topics we'd been learning in the school day by researching more about the Stone Age, Romans and life during World War Two, some children had family members who flew aircraft and took part in the battles!

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Battle of the Bands

On Wednesday 21st March, Year 6 took part in the annual HBJS Battle of the Bands. Mr Miles had worked hard with all the classes on learning a piece of music by artists such as Ed Sheeran and Justin Timberlake. Mr Townsend, HBJS's drum teacher, had the important and tricky job of judging the competition. He commented on positive areas from each class performance such as good rhythm and keeping together to the music.

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Year 6 Carnival

All term, Year 6 have been working hard at home to create a musical instrument of their choice, inspired by our Brazilian topic. As well as this, they designed and made their very own carnival mask using colours, styles and patterns from the Brazilian culture.

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