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Sponsored Run - Mini Marathon!


The DfE recently announced that all state-funded schools will house a community defibrillator by the end of the school year. We have been fortunate to have a defibrillator on-site for the last 5 years and was especially glad to do so when it was needed for a member of the local community who was taken ill in the street.

Unfortunately, the life of our defibrillator has come to an end and we need to replace it. We could have waited until the DfE provided one as part of their programme but, as we have already experienced, when someone’s life is at risk, a defibrillator is crucial.

This week, the children have been taking part in a sponsored event, raising money towards a new defibrillator. To coincide with last weekend’s London Marathon, the children were challenged to see how many times they could run a 100m stretch in 26 minutes. 42 lengths/2.6 miles was their aim: a mini – marathon!

We are so proud of the effort put in by the pupils this week.  They were taken out in their classes to run with the aim of reaching 2.6kms.  I’ve heard that many children reached this distance and some ran even further! Congratulations and thank you to all who took part.  We will continue to collect sponsorship money until the end of next week, Friday 14th October.  Fingers crossed we have raised enough for the defibrillator.  We’ll let you know the total next week.