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Kent Partnership Sports Award Evening

Well done to Luke Cope, Mr Hobbs, our Sports Crew and our Tri-golf team who were all shortlisted for awards at the Sports Award Evening held at Herne Bay High School.


This week, Year 6 performed two performances of Hamlet at the Kings Hall. The production was outstanding. Putting on a play of such quality and depth required very high expectations of the children and there is no question of them ALL rising to the challenge. Harry and Maddie were excellent in the leading role of Hamlet and their ability to learn and deliver so many lines is quite remarkable.

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Attainment Data 2016/2017


Herne Bay Junior School 2016/2017

Attainment Data




Writing (TA)






















ICT Ambassador Training

On Monday 3rd July, 8 children from Year 5 travelled to Chartham Primary School, by minibus, to take part in ICT Ambassador training with a number of other schools from the Canterbury area. The children were training for their role next year as ICT ambassador and promoting E-safety throughout the school. During the morning session the children learnt about cyberbullying and the 4 Golden Rules to help prevent it. They discussed the good and bad things about the internet as well as talking about different scenarios that could happen on line and how they would deal with them. After lunch, we worked together in our school groups to come up with an action plan for next year. The children were very enthusiastic coming up with many short term and long term goals that they want to achieve and implement next year.

Tri-Golf Kent Champions 2017

After winning the East Kent Coastal Tri- Golf competition, the schools golf team were invited to represent the East Kent area at The Kent Finals held at Polo Farm, Littlebourne on Tuesday. The team played thirteen other teams from across Kent, all worthy winners of their own area.
The team had to play on 8 different golf stations using their putting and chipping skills in timed events. The final scores were then added up for each team. All the stations were manned by university students, who gave specific instructions on the different activities.

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