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New Behaviour Policy

We hope everyone has had a relaxing Christmas break and are looking forward to a positive year ahead.

Here at Herne Bay Juniors we have started the New Year with a few changes. 

In order to maintain our high standards of behaviour we have altered our behaviour policy.

Any behaviour policy is only effective if:

a. It works
b. It is fair
c. It rewards good behaviour
d. There are consequences to poor behaviour
e. It is used consistently

We felt that the previous policy did not address all of the above. As a whole staff we have given this a lot of discussion and thought.  We are confident this new system will encourage the children to work together as well as being responsible for their individual behaviours. We value the importance of sharing positive behaviour with parents through weekly texts and these will continue. Our new behaviour policy can be found on our website.

We also felt it might be useful to explicitly outline some other more general expectations. Please click on the link below for further information.

Parent Information

The Year 6 Great Exhibition

Year 6 had the opportunity to demonstrate their superb model-making and research skills on the morning of their Great Exhibition when they displayed their homework projects.  It was great to see the care and attention to detail that each child had taken with their models and written reports.

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Music Extravaganza Evening

On Thursday  evening Herne Bay Junior School  held their third Music Extravaganza and for only the second time at the Kings Hall so making it one of the highlights of the school year. More children than ever took part with over 250 involved and huge support from all the 498 parents, carers and relations who attended. It was a magical evening with outstanding talents showcased by the children.

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Life in the Freezer Exhibition

This week Year 3 were very excited to hold our 'Life in the Freezer' exhibition. This was a fantastic chance for all the children to show off some of their hard work from over the last two terms. We were inundated with wonderful and creative projects which impressed all of the staff and visitors.

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