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Welcome to Herne Bay Junior School

We are a large junior school serving the centre of Herne Bay. Our website aims to give you a taster of the school, as well as providing regular updated information for both parents and pupils.

We hope that you enjoy your visit to our website, and that you find any information you are looking for. Please feel free to contact the school direct with any queries you may have.

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Parent/Governor Forum

The governors were delighted to welcome the parents to the first Parent/ Governor Forum Meeting this week. We were able to experience the children working in the Forest School environment and to look around the area being used for outdoor learning. The Staff and Governors explained the rationale behind this new initiative which stimulated a wide and interesting discussion.

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Anti-Bullying Week

Thank you for the support you gave to Anti-Bullying week, sending the children in to school in odd socks and buying cakes at the cake sale. We are pleased to report that the cake sale raised £136.06 for The Breck Foundation. We do hope your children came home and discussed the various activities that took place during school.

Film Voiceover Auditions

How often do school children have the opportunity to audition for a film voiceover? Well this became a reality for children in the upper school on Friday. The school were approached by Phil Gomm from the University of Creative Arts in Rochester and the Seaside Museum who had obtained a grant to commission this animation about the Pudding Pans off the coast of Herne Bay.
Phil had been into school previously to explain to the children what the animation was about, there was huge excitement as the children realised this was a once in a lifetime opportunity to star as the voice of ‘Marcus’ one of the pudding pans.
Scripts were sent home with the children over half term for them to study and finally the big day arrived. Phil arrived bright and early and full of enthusiasm along with Sandra Porter from the Seaside Museum. Mrs Amos was the final member of the audition panel. Each child had a pep talk from Phil before they took that a deep breath ready to steal the limelight as the voice of Marcus.
One by one the children filed in - some were confident, some were nervous, some had memorised the script whilst others took direction from Phil. It was amazing to see the difference between some of the children’s first attempt to their final run through. What was plain to see was that every child that walked into their audition felt valued and walked away with their head held high. It was a big thing to expose themselves fully in front of two strangers and perhaps even more so in front of Mrs Amos, who they do know!

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WW1 Centenary Fields Project

A number of our children from Herne Bay Junior School were invited to attend the launch of the Centenary Commemoration at the Memorial Park, Herne Bay. Along with Mrs Kingman, Mr Frank Onions, Mr Senft and Mrs Rogers, the children had the chance to see the work they had put together through the school’s History Club and within a ceramics art workshop, held at Beach Creative, Herne Bay, organised by artist, Mandy Troughton.

The work they have created can be seen as a history trail and ceramic poppy collection within the park itself. The history trail will remain a permanent feature of the park. How amazing to think they will be able to revisit their work at any point in time – as children or adults!

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On Thursday, the Year Five children enjoyed an engaging introduction The Maya. 

They learnt about the three calendars, the different worlds that the Maya believed in and how they were destroyed.  Children were dressed up in traditional clothing and carried out tasks that would have been demanded of them had they been naughty!  These included sweeping with a very short broom all through the night, being pricked by pins and having to lie, naked and tied up, all day on the damp ground.  (The last two weren't practised!)

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