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Trip to the ITV Studios - Voiceover Recording

Following on from the audition process that took place in school in December looking for the ‘Voice of Marcus’ for the Pudding Pan animation, eight excited children (all audition finalists)made their way to the ITV Studios in Maidstone today. They were invited to have a tour of the studios and then for Lake, the voice of Marcus, to record his voiceover.

Once inside the studios the group were taken to a base room with Mrs Amos, Mrs Prichard, Phil Gomm from UCA Rochester and Sandra Porter from The Seaside Museum. The group were met by Simon, who runs a TV Production and Media course who settled  them in and explained the agenda for the day. Lake was taken into the brand new sound booth which had only just been completed to see where his voiceover would be recorded. Whilst in there ITV News contacted Mrs Amos to say they were sending a reporter down to cover the story for Meridian News! Derek, the reporter arrived and was ready to film and then interview Lake who was raring to go. As Lake couldn’t be recorded doing the ‘actual’ voiceover recording, a mock-up was set up and Lake performed with the enthusiasm that secured his place as the voice of Marcus.



The other finalists were taken on a tour of the studios by Simon, who took them into Studio 1, which is the largest TV recording studio in the country, recording shows including Take Me Out, Jools Holland, Mister Maker and many more. The children were in awe at the size of it, all 1200 m2! They were taken to the control room, which is usually out of bounds to visiting guests and they got to sit in the seats where the directors and production team sit! A quick pit stop to the dressing rooms  followed where they were informed that Kanye West once had the dressing they were in when he flew in to record with Jools Holland! The children asked many questions and were informed that Elton John’s helicopter once landed in the carpark when he was recording there! The children loved hearing these stories.

Meanwhile, Lake showed absolute professionalism when interviewed alongside Phil, Sandra and Mrs Amos, it was quite a daunting experience, even for the adults!  The other children returned and were filmed looking at the pudding pan pots that Sandra had brought along with her. This footage may be aired on ITV Meridian News at 6pm on either Saturday or Sunday, but the studios will update us with the timing when they know for sure.

Simon took the children to watch a video about the backstage aspect of television whilst Lake went to record his voiceover in the sound booth, seven takes and he was done! Phil commented on how Lake took fabulous direction, was full of expression and nailed it!

After a spot of lunch it was time to leave but just before they did the sound man called the girls into the sound booth so they could sing a song he had heard them singing. He recorded it and then played it back to them, they were thrilled.  What a fantastic finish to a wonderful day!

There will be a lot of reflection for everyone who was part of this experience, Lake will have something to remember forever, as will the children who accompanied him. For Sandra, whose idea this whole project was, seeing history come alive through Phil’s involvement with the animation will hold a special place in her heart.  Phil with his boundless enthusiasm was beaming with pride seeing everything come together. Mrs Amos was so proud of the children and their representation of our school, she commented that if you secure firm community links, opportunity comes knocking at your door! Enrichment will always be something we as a school will embrace….who knows we may have a future actor in the making from this unique opportunity!