Herne Bay Junior School
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Skype the Speaker

On Monday 5th February the School Council and a group of Year 6 children spoke directly to the Speaker of the House of Commons, Mr John Bercow.  Using a Skype video link in the library, individual children were able to ask Mr Speaker questions that the children from the whole school had written. The children found out about his childhood before pressing on to more demanding topics, addressing the state of NHS funding and Brexit.  Mr Bercow's responses were informative but highlighted his role as Speaker, as being neutral.  The children were interested in finding out more about the life of MPs, particularly following their visit to Parliament earlier in the year.  Even after 45minutes of questioning there were plenty more on the list, sadly Mr Speaker couldn't give us any more time, but the School Council are enthusiastic about writing to him directly in Parliament with the remaining questions.  they've seen the House of Commons' pigeon hole postal system in person, and now want to use it!