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Sir Roger Gale MP Brexit Assembly

This morning we welcomed our local MP, Sir Roger Gale, to speak to the children about Brexit. It was an informative assembly that covered a range of topics, from the movement of goods through to how it could impact future holidays. Sir Roger recognised how important a topic this was, stating that even in his own home his wife and he voted in different ways.

Sir Roger started by explaining to the children how the European Union was very much like a club with a set of rules. He explained how the role of this club has changed over the years, to include agreements on trade, farming and fishing, as well as the setting of some laws.

Sir Roger then went on to answer questions from the children on a range of topics, including the possible need for an International Driving Licence or a change in design to the Passport. Sir Roger stressed that nobody really knows what the impact will be 20 years from now.

Please take an opportunity this weekend to speak with your child about their understanding. Next week, as part of our Philosophy for Children sessions, classes will be discussing Brexit in more detail. This will be an excellent opportunity for the children to explore a range of viewpoints on this often-divisive issue.