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P4C - philosophical discussions and new friendships!

Members of the School Council welcomed a group of 14 children from Christ Church Primary School, Folkestone to participate in an interschool philosophical (P4C) debate.

The children started the morning with some drama games - getting to know each others names.  They then watched a video (see attached website https://vimeo.com/198309592) that suggested children should become teachers and teachers should become  children!  The debate that followed was full of reasoned arguments for and against!

The children then worked in small groups of mixed ages from the two schools to create their own questions.  The discussion held covered topics such as why it's important for teachers to sometimes be silly, how we can learn from adults, children and family members; it's not just teachers who teach!  

The children then ate lunch before showing their visitors to the field and playing together.  At the end of the visit, new friendships had been formed and an agreement was made for the pupils of HBJS to make a return visit.  We're really excited to get to know our new friends better and take part in another philosophical enquiry together.