Herne Bay Junior School
"One chance, let's get it right"
  • Compassion

  • Courage

  • Hope

  • Integrity

  • Justice

  • Respect

  • Responsibility

  • Wisdom

School of Rock Trip

Last Thursday, Mr Thomas and Mrs Humphreys boarded the school minibus along with 14 excited children. With the help of Mrs Pritchard, they made their way to London to see The School of Rock. With a blue sky above and a clear road in front of them, they arrived in London relaxed and ready for an afternoon of rock.

Eager for the show to start, the children took their tickets and found their seats. The view of the stage was perfect, and the theatre quickly filled. What followed when the lights went down was two and a half hours of great acting, humorous characters, fantastic singing and fist-pumping rock! The child actors played all their own instruments – live – and whilst dancing! It was a truly entertaining show that inspired and amazed both the children and the adults. ​


Canicross is running over different terrains and distances with a trained dog. The children have learnt to give the dog commands and use equipment safely. It can be tiring for all involved as we usually run over a mile in total as well as completing sprints with the dog. It's great to learn to get on with other humans as well as cheeky canines!

Joshua and Francesca are enjoying the Canicross club. Joshua in particular has gained lots of confidence. He can now confidently handle the dog and is confident to run and give the dog commands. We have noticed his fitness has also improved. Francesca was already confident and has been a fantastic role model, setting herself running targets and supporting others.

Art Builders Project

As part of the new and exciting Art Builders project, our 25 Art Leaders spent 90 minutes learning a little about the exciting project we are involved in. More importantly, they worked together with performer and artist, Lisa, learning how to make an astronaut helmet from a paper bag and a piece of card. Take a peep at the photo. Didn’t they do well!
What happens next?
A train trip to Margate and Dreamland and …  well, watch this space!

National Skipping Day

Today, Herne Bay Junior's have taken part in the annual National Skipping day event along with 123 other schools across the country. Every child had the opportunity to attempt as many skips as possible in 15 minutes which were then recorded towards a class total. These totals will then be collated to find out how many skips we achieved as a school and sent off to the event organisers and added to the UK total . The aim is to try and beat the current UK world record of more than 7.45 million skips! Keep an eye out on our Twitter page to find out next week what our final school total was.

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