Herne Bay Junior School
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Tri-County Finals

On Tuesday 16th July, HBJS took their 2019 golf champions to represent their county (Kent) in the inaugural Tri-County Finals. For the first time in history, Kent, Sussex and Surrey would all compete at the same event across a range of four sports. After winning the county finals, our Year 3 and 4 golf team would represent Kent at Tri-Golf. However, this would mean that they were competing against the best golf teams across Kent, Sussex and Surrey.

Our children arrived with great determination and never gave up despite the hot and tiring conditions. Each team member supported each other as they conducted themselves in a mature manner. After competing in the golf we awaited the results with anticipation. Across the four sports taking place on the day, every point that Kent teams had won would be added together to provide an overall county total. It was now we realised that every point we scored on the day was vital to help our county. With the announcement imminent, Kent were delighted to finally hear that they were the first ever Tri-County winners.