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Meteorites land at Herne Bay Junior School!!!

Year 5 pupils got their hands on rare samples of moon rocks and meteorites this week during Science lessons that truly were out of this world. 

The year 5 topic, Our Precious Planet, covers parts of the curriculum such as classifying, observing and testing, which included the unique opportunity to actually touch pieces of space rock not of this earth.  The children were allowed to handle genuine meteorites.  The lunar samples were collected in the late 1960s and early 1970s during some of NASA's first manned space missions to the moon.  During these missions, a staggering 382kg of material was brought back to Earth-mostly for use by scientists, but small quantities gave been used for educational purposes. 




There were many WOW moments as the children felt the weight of the meteorite that landed in Argentina and could hold the Luna Disc sample with six different moon samples.  The children were eager to read up on each specimen and use the globe to locate where different meteorites had landed on Earth.  Using magnaprobes, the children tested whether the samples were magnetic.  With hand lenses, they were able to examine the rock types and identify them using classification tables.

Rocks handled included 1.2billion-year-old piece of Mars and 4.3billion-year-old nickel meteorite!  It is unlikely that students will ever get the chance to hold an object older than this, as Earth itself was formed 4.6 billion years ago.