Herne Bay Junior School
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  • Justice

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Harvest Assembly

Year 5 led the school's Harvest Assembly today.  Beginning with a sad but beautifully sung song, The Harvest of Love, they captivated the school's attention.  They invited the school to discuss what Harvest means to them before sharing a choral poem, Harvest Sprout.  Following this each class shared what they had been learning to understand harvest.


5PP had been using Ipads to interview adults around the school, finding out what harvest means to them.

5SB had been making short films about harvest using the Stop Motion app.  They had been improving their photography skills, thinking about framing and light.  They explored the field to find autumnal features to use as a subject.

5CC learnt about the Harvest moon and created some accompanying artwork.

5MR baked bread, and had to wait until the assembly was over and then got to enjoy eating it!

5BK spent time carefully drawing bundles of wheat, honing their pencil drawing skills.

The children then listened to Nathan, a representative from Porchlight.  Nathan explained how the money the children had raised would be used to help people less fortunate than themselves.

Thank you for supporting the children in raising money for Porchlight.  When we know the total amount raised we'll let you know.