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Buckingham Palace

We were very lucky to secure some tickets and take a group of our children on a trip to Buckingham Palace on Thursday.
There was great excitement on the journey up to London, despite the 7.15am start! We took in all the sights en route and finally arrived at Palace dead on time thanks to Mrs Prichard. We bypassed the queues and were directed to the learning centre where we were met by Emma, who was leading our landscape drawing workshop on the lawn in the gardens of the palace. After going through security we were led to the rear of the palace and taken down to the gardens where our workshop was set up beside one of the lakes. The children felt very privileged as we were the only group allowed onto the lawn, our view was the rear of the palace which was quite a spectacle. Emma settled the children into their task quickly....draw what you can see was her instruction! She applied different techniques to help them with their sketching, Mrs Amos and Mrs Evett-Collins were so impressed with some of the results.
After the workshop our group was taken to the family area where we had lunch in one of the rooms allocated to schools. There were lots of interactive boards the children could learn from as well as an opportunity to dress up. There was time for a quick photo shoot with some familiar royal faces and then it was time for our tour of the state rooms.


We were all given our headsets and off we went on a self guided tour of the fifteen rooms the public have access to. The children’s inquisitive nature and curiosity meant we all learnt so much. There were lots of questions asked to the guides inside with some surprising answers at times! The children were in awe of their surroundings, so much gold, thrones, artwork and the pure size of the palace itself. One of the highlights was when the children discovered the Queen has a secret door into one of the ballrooms and often appears behind her guests, often surprising them! 
Prince Charles had an exhibition to celebrate his 70th birthday, inside this room was an artist in residence who had been commissioned by Prince Charles to paint everything that was on display. The children asked how long he had been working on his piece of art, which was highly impressive, he had been standing there for four days! Although he did go home at night! So fabulous for them to see this special piece of artwork being produced in front of their eyes.
As we made our way through the palace Mrs Amos and Mrs Evett-Collins became aware of many approving smiles and nods from the visiting public reflecting just what a credit our children are to our school. 
We ended our tour back at the rear of the palace, we collected our belongings and the children were all given a goody bag as a keepsake. We wandered through the leafy gardens and made our way outside to find Mrs Prichard was was sat there waiting for us. A perfect end to a truly amazing day, with memories to treasure for a very long time!