Herne Bay Junior School
"One chance, let's get it right"
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Coastal Explorer Trip

On Tuesday a group of Year 3 children travelled by coach to Reculver, for a day of exploring, cleaning, engineering and local history.  We were hosted by Tom, a marine biologist and Mel who represented Vattenfall, one of the world's leading wind power operator and developer. https://corporate.vattenfall.co.uk/about-vattenfall/about-us/​ They were met by Tom who walked them down the rocky path to the beach where they first did a Beach Clean.  Wearing gloves to protect their hands, in just five minutes the children found many items made of plastic that had been washed up onto the shoreline. Tom explained that the pieces of plastic found might take 850years to rot away and reminded them that recycling is the best choice. Next was a chance to investigate the habitats of creatures under the large rocks.  The children carefully lifted large rocks revealing several species of crab, and even a pregnant mother crab.  The second challenge was to find as many different types of seaweed and shell as possible.  Tom explained that due to the depth of the water we'd find mostly green seaweeds, the red ones are found in much deeper seas.  The children loved exploring the beach and not a single child complained about the cold wind or if their feet got wet in a puddle!

After warming up in the Reculver Visitor Centre with packed lunches we headed up to the Reculver Towers.  Mel showed the children pictures that explained how the energy we mostly use in our lives is using up non-renewable fuels such as coal, gas and oil.  The children learnt about the methods for harnessing renewable fuels such as water and solar power.  Then came the big challenge...to construct a kit that would allow a light bulb to glow!  In the process of doing this the children learnt about how wind power can be used to turn a cog, connected to a smaller cog, which would spin a copper wire inside a magnet, this was then connected to the lightbulb.  In less than five minutes, and within one minute, all the teams had successfully constructed their kits and created electricity. 

Finally the children were quizzed about where would be best to put the turbines.  They ran about the field and around the towers trying to find where the wind was strongest and weakest.  The squeals of delight could be heard by all around!  Working out that the wind might change direction they found that the open field was best as there was nothing to block the wind.

What a way to spend National Environmental Day 2018!

Before boarding the coach and returning to school the children had some time to play on the castle play ground in Reculver. 

As always the Herne Bay Junior children were perfectly behaved and represented the school fantastically well.