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A Visit to Mary Poppins!

Some of our children were lucky enough to travel to London today and see the west end musical Mary Poppins! We had a minibus full of excited children who took in all the landmarks in London on their way to the Prince Edward theatre. The atmosphere once inside the theatre was magic, ice creams were ordered, programmes studied and then it was showtime! The first half had the children asking how you spelt ‪supercalifragilisticexpialidocious‬ which was a challenge for Mrs Amos!!

Zizi Strallen who played the lead as Mary Poppins was exceptional and the children’s faces watching her fly across the audience with her umbrella at the end was just lovely. As we were leaving several adults came up to Mrs Amos and commended our children on their wonderful behaviour during the show. A lovely way to end a fabulous afternoon out in London!