Herne Bay Junior School
"One chance, let's get it right"
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Lunch with Mrs Kingman

The school council were recently invited to have lunch with Mrs Kingman.  They were eager to use the time wisely and prepared for the lunch by choosing some important points to raise. Firstly they had received a request from a Logan in Y6 that tomato ketchup should be available at lunch times.  In preparation for the meeting with Mrs Kingman they wrote letters expressing their proposal.  The quality of writing by Rosie Redford (3HH) was recognised.  Rosie raised some good arguments for why having ketchup would be beneficial for the school.  Mrs Kingman informed the School Council that she would have to speak to the kitchen staff and to Mrs Hall before making a decision.  In assembly on Friday 26th January Mrs Kingman explained this all to the whole school.  As promised, I would like to share with you the outcome of the School Council’s proposal put to me last week when I had lunch with them. They had asked that I consider the possibility for them to have ketchup served with lunches that include chips or potato wedges. The children put forward a clear and convincing case and I am pleased to say that I have agreed with this request. Pupil voice is important within a large school, recognising the British Values that we uphold. The School Council represented their peers effectively in putting forward their case. I am looking forward to future proposals and opportunities for them to make a difference. The whole school erupted into cheers when they were informed during assembly the following week.   The School Council really demonstrated their power in making positive changes within their community and are motivated to continue.

Well done Herne Bay Junior's School Council!!!!