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Lord Mayor Visit - Little Library Opening & Afternoon Tea

On Tuesday, we were privileged to have the Lord Mayor of Canterbury join us to officially open our Little Library. The School Council members, Ava (the winner of the design competition), staff and parents came together to enjoy a reception involving plenty of cake and lots of chatter! The School Council gave a speech after which we headed out to the courtyard for the Lord Mayor to officially open the Little Library through the cutting of the ribbon. We were then treated to an impressive performance from the choir. It was a wonderful event and we are very grateful that the Lord Mayor was able to join us to celebrate this. 


The Little Library has been an ongoing vision of the School Council which has been realised with the expertise of Mr Hewitt, who built the library from scratch. The library was exclusively created from recycled items...even down to the hinges which were used! We are delighted that it is now ready to be used by our school community. The Little Library will open daily from 3pm to enable siblings to access this alongside our pupils as they leave school (it may remain closed in extreme weather). In time, we also plan to enable it to be accessed before school. Please feel free to take or donate books. There is no pressure to return a book but we hope that there will always be books readily available so it does rely on donations to enable this to run successfully. Please just put any book donations straight into the library. Parents are responsible for checking the suitability of books which are both borrowed and donated. All books should be suitable for children under 11. Happy borrowing!