Herne Bay Junior School
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  • Courage

  • Hope

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  • Justice

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  • Wisdom

​Harry Potter Trip

Last week, 14 children had the exciting opportunity to go on a Harry Potter adventure! We left school early on Thursday and headed to busy London for a Tour for Muggles, where we visited many of the filming locations for the Harry Potter films. We also learnt about many of J.K Rowling's inspirations for her characters and story lines. The children were fascinated to make links between the books, films and real life.

Following a day of walking (and a little rain), we stayed overnight in preparation for the big event - Harry Potter Studios! We woke up ready to explore and eagerly made our way to the Warner Bros building. It was just as magical as we had anticipated and we explored everything from The Forbidden Forest to Dumbledore's Office and the Ministry of Magic. The children even tried mastering their wand technique and broomstick riding skills. It was a thoroughly rewarding day out for all of the children and adults as well. They were impeccably behaved and represented the school proudly.