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Film Voiceover Auditions

How often do school children have the opportunity to audition for a film voiceover? Well this became a reality for children in the upper school on Friday. The school were approached by Phil Gomm from the University of Creative Arts in Rochester and the Seaside Museum who had obtained a grant to commission this animation about the Pudding Pans off the coast of Herne Bay.
Phil had been into school previously to explain to the children what the animation was about, there was huge excitement as the children realised this was a once in a lifetime opportunity to star as the voice of ‘Marcus’ one of the pudding pans.
Scripts were sent home with the children over half term for them to study and finally the big day arrived. Phil arrived bright and early and full of enthusiasm along with Sandra Porter from the Seaside Museum. Mrs Amos was the final member of the audition panel. Each child had a pep talk from Phil before they took that a deep breath ready to steal the limelight as the voice of Marcus.
One by one the children filed in - some were confident, some were nervous, some had memorised the script whilst others took direction from Phil. It was amazing to see the difference between some of the children’s first attempt to their final run through. What was plain to see was that every child that walked into their audition felt valued and walked away with their head held high. It was a big thing to expose themselves fully in front of two strangers and perhaps even more so in front of Mrs Amos, who they do know!

Phil and Sandra were full of admiration for all the children who took part and finally after a full day of auditions it was time to short list for the final set of auditions. This was tough, but decisions were made and the call backs orgainsed.
The final 8 children had to audition once again, this time in front of each other. What we did see was not just the voice but the acting skills that came into play at this stage; they were full of confidence, expression and determination to secure this part.
After final deliberation by the panel a decision was made. There was nervous excitement amongst the children; Phil delivered a speech thanking the children for their professionalism, confidence and enthusiasm. He made it clear that all the finalists would be part of the next part of the journey whereby they will all get the opportunity to go to the ITV studios in Maidstone to watch the recording of the animation. 
Finally Phil announced the winner and Lake was chosen to be the voice of Marcus. Lake looked quite stunned to have been chosen and was very gracious as all the other congratulated him stating that everyone had been great.
Mrs Amos reflected that once again our children took full advantage of a wonderful opportunity with gritty determination, an experience that will always remain with them and who knows what the future may bring, maybe we have a budding actor in the making.    
So, an exciting trip to the ITV studios awaits Lake, Arib, Mollianne, Mia, Grace, Lily-Rose, Eva and Amy. Yet another wonderful enrichment opportunity for our children!