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Art Week - Climate Change

If you were walking along Kings Road, Herne Bay on Friday 4th October, or even in the local Memorial Park, you might have noticed Herne Bay Junior School children were taking a lively and meaningful walk!

As part of our Arts Week - Climate Change - children explored and discovered what is meant by climate change and then, at the close of the project, they assembled and walked in recognition of their views and thoughts on this topical subject. All the children were not only able to express themselves by walking and singing with their placards but their work from the week was also exhibited at Beach Creative, making a colourful and rich collection for all to see.

As the final closing piece, each class of children took their placard, illustrated with their Climate Change slogan, on to Beach Creative as the final installation to their exhibition. Children have also had a window of time to visit the gallery and enjoy the exhibition of our art. When we later asked children to share their experiences from the Arts project, the enthusiasm, knowledge and concern for the effects of climate change upon our Earth was clear.

Please click here to watch the video.