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A visit from Professor Robert Winston

We were privileged to welcome Professor Robert Winston to our school on Tuesday. He made the journey from London to educate and inspire our children about his favourite topic – SCIENCE!
He delivered an assembly to both upper and lower school. The children were mesmerised and listened intently to him as he spoke about the most popular science questions posed to him by children around the world. They were fortunate to take part in a mini experiment relating to DNA which involved releasing particles through merely clapping. Throughout, his humour shone through as he shared his wisdom while engaging the children in popular topics ranging from the solar system to human reproduction.
Question time gave the children the opportunity to find out more about him and his life. He shared that prior to becoming a scientist in 1970; he had worked as a caretaker in a school and spent time in theatre amongst other things. 50 years later, here he is at Herne Bay Junior School advising our children to study things that interest them and to work as part of a team. He told them, “it is OK to fail; failure can lead to success” – as he has discovered many times throughout his career.
Professor Winston then visited classrooms where Science lessons were in action. He enjoyed watching some Year 4 children investigate insulators and conductors to create electricity, before moving on to Year 5 where children were developing their understanding of puberty while debating their views on how this may affect them both socially and emotionally.

Over lunch, staff had the opportunity to talk to him about his views of Primary Science. It was clear he feels strongly that science in primary school is where children form an interest through such an engaging and varied curriculum.
Professor Winston complimented our approach to children’s learning at Herne Bay Junior School. He commented that they had responded to him with curiosity, not because he is famous, but because they were interested in what he had to share.