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A Trip to the Gulbenkian Theatre

Today a group of Year Five children who are in Miss Black's AAA group attended a back stage tour of the Gulbenkian Theatre.  They were shown around the lighting and sound box and asked brilliant questions about why the room is black, why it's positioned at the back of the audience and how the sound system works.  They also were shown the performers' backstage changing rooms, complete with mirror lights and showers.  The children eagerly stepped onto the stage to be seen on a monitor that the Stage Manager uses to give cues to the backstage crew and performers instructions.

We were lucky enough to be allowed into the Projector room of the cinema.  Here, the children learnt about film reels, programming sound and a sequence of adverts that the audience see before their film begins.

To finish the morning five employees of the theatre were ready for a Q & A session, with questions prepared by the children.  It was fascinating to hear about the different routes each adult took on their way to being employed by the theatre.  All the adults were doing a different job to the one they had dreamt of as a child, and different to the one they studied towards too.  The Marketing Director actually studied economics at university, but found it so boring he never wanted a job in that area.  The Theatre Manager dreamt of becoming an Opera singer, studying and training for years to prepare for this  future...but he no longer does this!

The children asked, "Will what we learn in primary school be useful in the future?"   All of the adults stressed that they still use Maths and English every day, and added that even learning sports was helpful.  By being a part of a team they learnt to communicate, work as a team, lead and allow others to lead, all skills they use in their jobs at the Gulbenkian theatre.

Miss Black was thoroughly proud of the children, their behaviour, questions and enthusiasm.  The children were considering their place in their worl, and how they'd like to see themselves in the future.  It was a truly valuable and inspiring trip.