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The Lion King

On Wednesday the 31st of January, some of our children had the opportunity to visit ‘The Lyceum Theatre’ where they saw ‘The Lion King’ – a truly spectacular show. Throughout the show, the children were completely transfixed and their eyes were glued to the stage; some were even on the edge of their seat. The experience was nothing short of magnificent and it will undoubtedly be a day that the children will remember for a very long time. Each and every one of them represented our school in true HBJS style and we are incredibly proud of how well they behaved on the trip.

Here’s what some of them had to say:

Edward said – ‘It was exciting and also made me a little nervous when they were standing on Pride Rock’.

Lola said - ‘The Lion King was amazing! The animals they made were brilliant and the costumes were extraordinary! The songs were great too’. 

Eddie said – ‘It felt very different to every other theatre I have been to. All the characters and costumes were amazing and it was an incredible experience’.

Darcie said – ‘As soon as we arrived, we were astonished; the theatre was HUGE. When the lights were turned off and the curtains opened, the drums began to bang and the majestic show started! It was incredible’.

Lauren said  - ‘The Lion King was AMAZING! The actors and actresses sounded like the real thing from the cartoon. The Lyceum Theatre was huge and all of the little things such as the puppets were fantastic’.

Taylor said - 'Firstly, our journey was bumpy yet interesting as I saw The Shard for the first time! Eventually, we arrived at the theatre and saw the spectacular production - my favourite part was... I can't choose, the whole thing was great! Thank you HBJS for the opportunity.'