Herne Bay Junior School
"One chance, let's get it right"
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  • Courage

  • Hope

  • Integrity

  • Justice

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Summer Fair

The summer fair on Friday was very successful with all the children taking part and thoroughly enjoying themselves in the (slightly cooler) sunshine. Thank you for your support. We raised almost £2,500! Thanks must also go to Mrs Easton and Mrs Edwards for all their hard work planning the event.

Tri-Golf East Kent Coastal Winners 2017!

On Wednesday 7th June the Year 3 & 4 Tri-Golf team went to Herne Bay High School for the East Kent Coastal Tri- Golf competition.  Twelve schools entered the competition. The event consisted of twelve golf stations where the players had to win points for their putting, chipping and driving skills. Our Year 3 & 4 team consisted of 5 boys and 5 girls; they listened to the rules and instructions and played with a lot of ability and skill.

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A letter from the Chair of Governors

As has become our custom, it falls to the Chair of Governors to provide an end of year summary on progress; although these days it is a pleasure to do so.
Last year, I was able to tell you about the progress being made across the school since our 2014 Ofsted inspection, and to assure you that the hard work of our staff and pupils alike had built a strong foundation for us to build upon this year.
The recent Ofsted report and SATS results both serve as clear evidence of the high standards within the school. In terms of benchmarking, our outcomes for year six pupils are significantly above national and local averages. Whilst other schools will look to close the gap on us in the coming years, there is ample evidence within the school to suggest that high standards of teaching and learning are embedded across all year groups and that we will continue to see similar levels of progress and attainment being made by all of our pupils.
Our enrichment programme has seen large numbers of pupils undertaking extracurricular activities. With yet another fantastic year six production, high achieving sports teams, a wide range of clubs on offer, amazing school trips and some great school concerts thrown into the mix, it seems very clear that HBJS is a good place at which to be a pupil.
Next year will, once again, see us looking to raise the bar, as we continue on our journey towards being an outstanding school. There will be some challenges along the way but we have a fantastic, well led, staff and willing learners: between us, we will turn those challenges into opportunities for further successes.
As always, I ask all of our parents and carers for your co-operation next year; in ensuring that all pupils are at school on time every day and ready to learn. Despite the recent ruling, our policy on taking children out of school during term time remains unchanged and for one simple reason: our pupils make excellent progress because they learn well and at a pace, and that can only be achieved if they are in school for all lessons.
To our staff and pupils: it’s been a long year of hard work, so please make sure you enjoy the summer break, taking some time to reflect upon your individual successes during this year as you prepare for September.
Finally, I would like to bid a fond farewell to a friend and colleague, Sandy Winkworth, who is leaving the Governing Body at the end of this term. Sandy has been a school Governor for nineteen years, first at Simon Langton Boys and for the last eleven years with us at HBJS. She ran the chess club, is a former Chair of Governors and has been a big contributor towards the success that the school now is.

Kind regards,

Stuart Bore
Chair of Governors.

A Message from the Governors - Vision

Some of you may know that a main role of the governing body at Herne Bay Junior School is to set and oversee its strategic vision. This vision is enshrined in the School’s strap-line, ‘One chance, let’s get it right’.
But how does the School make sure that it ‘gets it right’? For this to happen we believe that every child must:

Be happy.
Be given the best opportunity to excel mentally and physically.
Be willing to conform and contribute to community values.
Be responsive to the high expectations set by the School.

Most of the governing body’s work focuses on how well the School meets these criteria. Its many monitoring activities – which stretch from observing lessons and following pupil progress to inspecting the buildings, validating the finances, to even asking about the lunch menu – are all motivated by this core vision of ‘getting it right’.
So next time you see the School strap-line, please take a little time to reflect on what it means for your child and how best it can be supported at home.

David Wilkinson

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