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Year 3 Journey Through Time Exhibition

For Terms 3 and 4 the Year Three children were invited to choose any period of history that particularly interested them.  There was no right or wrong way to present their learning, just to find out something new and share that with their friends.  The children and their families certainly worked hard!  Some children chose to gain a deeper understanding of the topics we'd been learning in the school day by researching more about the Stone Age, Romans and life during World War Two, some children had family members who flew aircraft and took part in the battles!

Other children selected a totally new historical era or event such at the Tudors, Vikings, ancient Egypt and the Titanic.  As with our last exhibition, there were models, posters, pictures and powerpoints, all demonstrating useful skills the children had used.  It was a shame when the children had to take their projects home...we really need an exhibition centre where they could be on permanent display!  Well Done Year Three!