Herne Bay Junior School
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  • Wisdom


Today we had our harvest assembly and as in previous years our chosen charity was Porchlight. We invited Nathan a representative to attend on behalf of the charity. It was great to see a wonderful performance from Year 5; the whole year group took part in a production of 'The Little Red Hen' where they discussed the importance of harvest and helping others.

More specifically, the assembly focused on how we can help those that are less fortunate than us and how all the money the school raised for Porchlight will do that. Nathan talked to the children about how their money will support those that find themselves without a home and the basic things needed for a good quality of life such as a warm, safe bed and an understanding of how to budget money so that people can buy the important things that they need. Nathan was overwhelmed at how beautifully the houses had been decorated and just how many there were! Porchlight will update us in due course as to how much the school raised for this great charity.