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Tri-Golf Kent Champions 2017

After winning the East Kent Coastal Tri- Golf competition, the schools golf team were invited to represent the East Kent area at The Kent Finals held at Polo Farm, Littlebourne on Tuesday. The team played thirteen other teams from across Kent, all worthy winners of their own area.
The team had to play on 8 different golf stations using their putting and chipping skills in timed events. The final scores were then added up for each team. All the stations were manned by university students, who gave specific instructions on the different activities.

They all had 2 minutes to practise, then on the second whistle, every point counted. As we waited for the results, the excitement was felt around the arena. Third place was announced…It was last year’s winners Ashford, Second place announced…Thanet. When first place was announced, it was met with an eruption of cheers from the children, Mr Ware and Mrs Clark. With well-deserved pride, the children collected their Gold medals escorted by Mr Ware and are now Tri-Golf Kent Champions 2017.