Herne Bay Junior School
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  • Hope

  • Integrity

  • Justice

  • Respect

  • Responsibility

  • Wisdom

Hickling Broad Nature Reserve

On Tuesday 24th May, 12 very excited children and 3 enthusiastic adults; Mrs Evett-Collins, Miss Brady and Mr Kingman, left school to venture North towards Norfolk for an overnight stay in Sheringham Youth Hostel and a day at Hickling Broad Nature Reserve.
The minibus trip was incredibly interesting as Mr Kingman pointed out deer, bat bridges and lots of farming and agricultural land features in Suffolk and Norfolk. He knew the area extremely well.

On arrival to Sheringham, we were shown to our rooms and quickly went in for dinner.
The evening was spent walking through the beautiful seaside town that took us straight to the beach. Crab and pebble collections with games on the beach ensued, while we watched the sunset.
Everyone slept well and following a huge breakfast we headed off to the Nature reserve.
While there we enjoyed a nature walk, bird watching, species identification, pond dipping and a boat trip in the sunshine. The day was amazing. We ended with souvenir buying in the shop and a purchase of 15 ice creams before boarding the minibus for the return journey.
A couple of people (who will remain anonymous) slept most of the 4 hour journey back to school, but the majority remained awake and chatted about the fantastic trip we had all experienced.