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Music Extravaganza Evening

On Thursday  evening Herne Bay Junior School  held their third Music Extravaganza and for only the second time at the Kings Hall so making it one of the highlights of the school year. More children than ever took part with over 250 involved and huge support from all the 498 parents, carers and relations who attended. It was a magical evening with outstanding talents showcased by the children.

Year 3 opened the performance with their junk Samba percussion band. Amazing what can be done with a saucepan, a bin and a wooden spoon!  The clarinet, violin, recorder, guitar,  melodica, flute, Yukelele ensembles took their turns.  Rock School and the Year 6 all Stars band impressed with their very cool renditions of Not Feeling very Ho Ho and 7 Years old. The wonderful orchestra moved everyone with their performance of Carol of the Bells and The Writing is on the Wall.  Woven into the music were individual dance and performances from a number of exceptionally talented children. Rio Kinoshita’s skilled playing on the piano of  the Minute Waltz stunned everyone and the evening ended with a rousing finale of Sparkle and Shine. Mr Miles, the very talented and inspirational music teacher at Herne Bay Junior School brought everything together superbly with support from the strong team of staff at the school.  Two years ago only seven children were taking part in music across the school, what a difference two years can make. Parents views were captured on the evening with speech bubbles on every chair for parents to put down their thoughts….’Inspiring. The commitment and effort which Mr Miles gives is stunning. This is such a valuable experience for the children’…..’So enjoying tonight. What a fabulously Chistmassy occasion. The children look so happy and involved and proud of their music. Such a joy to see.’ But perhaps the best endorsement comes from this quote ‘Everybody looks so happy. This is what school is all about at Herne Bay Junior School, everyone involved, everyone who wants to is given a chance to shine and be wonderful.’ A retiring collection raised £451 for Children with Cancer UK.