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Listen to Us Live

On Monday Herne Bay Junior School celebrated the musical talents of our pupils with the first ‘Listen to us Live’ concert.  The four classes (6AT, 6BT, 5CP, 5CO) that had been receiving music lessons with Mr Miles this term performed. 

They had only had 7 music lessons but were able to play as part of the Year 6 Class Band and in an ensemble of Melodicas. Although nervous, the children felt proud of their performance and stunned the invited parents with their musical skills! Several soloists also performed on the piano, violin, guitar and flute - who knew we had such talent? The staff and parents felt immensely proud and are really looking forward to the next ‘Listen to us Live’ concert at Herne Bay Junior School. Well done to all those that took part and thank you to all the parents & carers that came along to support their children.