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Newspaper Report by The Canterbury Times - Herne Bay Junior School celebrates great SATs results.

Pupils and staff at the Herne Bay Junior School are celebrating a great  round of improved SATS results, just a year after OFSTED said they "required improvement".
The new results saw the school making leaps and bounds across the board, with improvements  in reading writing and maths by almost 20%, putting the school well above the 2014 national average. Speaking to the Times, the school's new Headteacher, Frances Nation said the results had put children and staff in a good mood.
"People are very happy. We've been working very hard since I started here in September, and I always say, there's no point working this hard and not getting the results.
It has been a real team effort : the students, the teachers, the people on our reception desk, the dinner ladies: everyone has played their part.
"We've made changes everywhere; it's about keeping everything spinning. There's no one thing we've been doing. It's a challenge , but I like a challenge."
Mrs Nation added that the children were enjoying the recent changes as well, with a bigger focus on extracurricular activities.
"A lot of the children have been saying there's more for them now: more clubs, more drama. We are currently doing Macbeth the musical at the King's Hall, there was some scepticism, but people who have come to see it say it's phenomenal. From the parts I've seen, you can see the children's confidence has grown, I can feel it. They're going to be performing for the younger children, and that is what those children will aspire to."
In 2014, 76% of the children at the Herne Bay Junior School reached a combined level 4 on their SATs, and 24% reached level 5. This year, 87% of children reached level 4, and 42% reached level 5. By comparison, the national average for 2014 was 79% level 4 and 24% level 5.
The school will now look to improve their standing with OFSTED, who gave the Requires Improvement  rating in March 2014. The low rating means inspectors are required to revisit the school sometime before March 2016.

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