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Year 3 Life in the Freezer Exhibition

Year Three was buzzing with excitement on Thursday afternoon.  The Life in the Freezer topic was coming to an end with a celebratory exhibition of the children's projects they created at home!   Full to bursting, the classrooms were only just large enough to hold the wonderful work.  Standing next to towering penguins, displays of the sea world, geographical models and powerpoint projects on the classroom screen, the children proudly discussed their projects.

It was wonderful to learn even more about  the Arctic and Antarctica.  Did you know that an Arctic Fox has brown hair in summer and white hair in winter and that it eats lemmings and seals!  Or, that the Arctic Circle is actually moving!  Sadly it is moving north 49metres every year. The children had clearly engaged with the topic and had loved investigating more with their families and carers at home. 

Thank you to all the parents that supported their children, and who were able to attend.  The children revelled in sharing their learning with you.