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Chessington Trip

Tuesday 27th March – Chessington trip

Yesterday, despite the rain and the early start, we set off for Chessington - full of excitement and in high spirits, only to be damped by the usual rush hour traffic! However, we still made it in good time and were soon parked and off the bus, raring to see the animals! First stop was the amazing underwater world complete with sharks, rays and starfish (among others). Staying on an aquatic theme, we toured the penguins and fell in love with their laid-back approach to us visitors.

Leaving the high seas, we walked straight into a demonstration of a beautiful owl, expertly handled by his handler. Hot on his tail with his handler and keen to model just how dextrous he is, was a racoon! Who knew they were so clever?

We then headed off to a large family of apes, who were relaxed and happy enjoying their snack of nuts. Moving on, we had to keep quiet to enjoy the sleeping tigers, resplendent in their magnificent stripes. They kindly obliged and rolled for us before slowly parading right before us. Turning around, we were greeted by a lioness with her three, three-year-old cubs, comfortable and relaxed but under the watchful gaze of the splendid male lion.

We moved on from big game to see the sea-lions deftly swimming and showing off, catching their lunch. We too decided to eat and watched as they swam and ‘barked’ their approval. Our lunch was considerably more sedate, and dry!

Refreshed and fed, we took a quick turn on the bumper cars before moving on to the safari bus, where we were treated to giraffe, rhinos and some dramatic water fall effects! All very exciting.

After a quick spree in the gift shop, it was time to visit the education centre, where we had fun looking at some science in action and met some ancient snails! Just in time to have one last look at the penguins before heading back to the bus. All before one drop of rain!

After a clear run home albeit the usual rush hour traffic, we arrived back in Herne Bay before 6pm, tired but full of lasting memories. Another fulfilling and memorable enrichment day successfully completed.

Mrs Charter, Miss Wood and Miss Roman