Herne Bay Junior School
"One chance, let's get it right"
  • Compassion

  • Courage

  • Hope

  • Integrity

  • Justice

  • Respect

  • Responsibility

  • Wisdom


The HBJS PHSE curriculum seeks to teach pupils a number of important overarching concepts and essential skills. These form the backbone of the curriculum itself. Both concepts and skills need to be kept in mind when delivering the curriculum. However the PHSE curriculum is NOT a stand-alone separate subject. The majority of PHSE needs to be delivered across the whole curriculum, most notably within Science, PE, RE and Literacy.
PHSE specific lessons will cater for the introduction of new concepts, address misunderstandings and highlight issues via the use of calendar events and specified role models.
To aid the teaching of PHSE, and integrating it into the wider curriculum, it has been split into three core themes; ‘Health & well-being’, ‘Relationships’ and ‘Living in the wider world’. These three core themes will run over the year and throughout the Key Stage. To make the delivery of PHSE clearer each core theme has a number of questions to illustrate the concepts and skills involved. These questions can be adapted as learning objectives but care must be taken that concepts and skills are still delivered in sufficient depth.
Over the school year each year group has been given a number of illustrative PHSE topic titles with which to plan an individualised curriculum. The topic titles are not intended as strict ‘units’ to be taught within a term but are merely to enable the grouping of concepts and make delivery easier. SEAL unit titles are included on a ‘best fit’ basis to help teachers with possible materials in the delivery of PHSE.
Each year group has also been given key statements within each term to aid with coverage and to reflect the greater depth of concepts. Key statements can be used to inform planning, check coverage or adapted as learning objectives.
Teachers are able to use all materials depending on the level of maturity of their class with the expectation that all three core themes are revisited, that coverage over the Key Stage is appropriate and content conforms to DfE guidelines and school policy.

If you have any further questions about our curriculum please contact the school office.